The week of February 5-12 was the first global circular mapping week organised by CEC. An initiative that saw 68 local organisers come together to create the world’s largest effort, mapping as many circular organisations they can get their hands on into a proper global overview. C.UBI organised the Munich chapter and, with more than 50 initiatives mapped, over 40 participants and sustainable soup and bread from UrbanSoup thanks to food sponsor Steelcase.

The Panel; Talking Circles

C.UBI's own Lennard Hulsbos spoke with Jens Niemann (Chief Architecture Officer at Siemens) and Raphael Stermann (Sustainability Lead at Steelcase) about the opportunities and challenges of large organisations when it comes to the circular economy. You can watch the full talk below. (Recommended to use headphones due to audio quality)

Mapping the circular ecosystem in Munich

Our friends at 7Vortex helped out with mapping the ecosystem with their visualisation tool. Have a look here for the interactive version of the ecosystem.


Impressions from the event