As believers in a new paradigm, we aim to put our ideas out there, build upon them together with you, and build a movement that proves theory through practice.

Lennard Hulsbos

Director of strategy at spark Reply

Having graduated with a thesis on corporate social responsibility, Len's focus on bringing sustainable strategies into existing business structures has been relentless.

He brought the food to fork concept forward for a major retailer in China in 2013, which was then implemented in 2014 for perishables. Next to that, there's been engagements across both the social and political spectrum; a current member of the board with Social Value & Intangibles Review and previously the strategic advisor for a slow fashion company that won 2 UN millennium awards.

In his day to day job he consults and designs products, services and business models with large multinationals across Europe on topics stretching from large infrastructure and future city development to privacy in the smarthome and general user experience.

The C.UBI initiative is illustrative of his focus to contribute to a fairer and sustainable socio-economical paradigm for our world.

Paul Anca

Strategic designer at spark Reply

Paul gets enthusiastic about understanding root causes of complex social and environmental issues. He designed a mobile learning platform for illiterates in Africa, captured stories of leading social enterprises in South-East Asia at, and helped consolidate a national network of non-profits in Ivory Coast.

Drawing upon a background in business, economics and design, and has set up a circular design framework at the strategic design firm Designit.

As part of his current work, he works with large organisations to transition their business towards a circular model, while designing around user needs.


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